Monday, April 2, 2012

where you at?

To my Faithful Followers,

I am sorry for my absence. Let me explain. I had company. This boy that I kind of love a whole heck of a lot, came down for an entire month to visit me. We had a blast and ran around Peru and Ecuador. I decided it was more important to spend the time with him than to sit  for hours in front of a computer writing stories. I figured you all would understand. In a tearful goodbye I embraced him one last time, then he turned through the gates at the airport in Guayaquil to go home. Just like that, I was alone again...and those stories that never got written, it's time to catch up.

It will take me a little while, but, don't you worry, I'll get you all up to date.

Here we go again...and here is to 5 more months of adventure.


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