Saturday, April 14, 2012

up the Peru coast

the currents, the waves and the pelicansan original corner...more than 3000 years olda net and sea birdsnet and sea birdsoasis in the desertI like the layers
us!the elderthe lone treea very regal, but still ugly, peruvian hairlessHuanchacoHuanchaco
ceviche on the coastcoach justin playing pick-upcoach justin playing pick-upTrujillo by nightTrujillo by nightchowing down
street foodsunset in Mancora, Peruawww. we are cutesunset in Mancora, Peruplaying in the wavesthere he goes to play with waves

up the Peru coast, a set on Flickr.

Trujillo, Huanchaco and Mancora...all the fun BEFORE the border crossing

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