Monday, April 2, 2012

salkantay trek

SalkantayI WILL find him!plaza de armas - cuscothis is Cuscothis is Cuscoour first set meal and Inka cola
they dress the crossesInca wallshe makes friends with everyoneview from our hotel of cuscoview from our hotel of cuscosalkantay training
training in cuscoCusco from up higha mini christa stop to tinkle in the rainself-capture at the start of the trekalong the Salkantay...we're just beginning
anorexic cowalong the Salkantaywe came from therealong the Salkantayalong the Salkantayalong the salkantay

salkantay trek, a set on Flickr.

a very challenging 5 day trek to machu picchu with the love of my life...who was still the love of my life after it was all over. That says something. :)

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