Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dia de Los Peatones...thanks Bolivia

So, we (Stacey,Laurie,Emily and I) got to La Paz at 5 am this morning and stepped outside to the shock of very little oxygen and below freezing temps. But to land a plane above the clouds is an experience to be had and appreciated. We got into the taxi to notice that we were eye level with the top of the Andes. We were told by the taxi driver that if we intended to leave the next morning we had to book our bus first thing, because there was a new national holiday going into effect and ALL the roads in the ENTIRE country will be closed starting 7 am.

We took this information to heart and booked a bus for 6:30 am and took to wandering the streets...very,very slowly, as that's the only way to move at this elevation. We saw the filming of a music video(video upload to follow), ate street food (pastry things with potatoes and chicken and later fried egg sandwiches), wandered la calle de brujas, the girls bought stuff exercising zero self-control, had a huge set lunch with salad, soup, meat and rice, chocolate pudding AND drinks for the 4 of us for the equivalent of $12! After this, and a taxi ride to an incredible hilltop park with views of the single snow-capped mountain, we worked our way back to the hostel only to be told that they needed to speak to us at the agency where we booked the bus.

Oh, what the news we got when we walked in the door. So that bus we booked...yeah, it won't leave until Monday thanks to this new national holiday. Apparently now all roads will be closed effective midnight tonight and will re-open tomorrow evening.

What are our options, since we will clearly NOT be in copacabana tomorrow morning? How are we getting out of here? We could wait until Monday. Not really an option with the time crunch the girls are on. We could take the public bus and hopefully make it in time to catch the ferry. Sketchy with lots of unpleasant variables and the super high probability of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. OR pay out the butt for a private car to take us as soon as the roads are opened. I have friends with jobs...looks like we're taking the private car.

So, tomorrow we will be wandering down the middle of the street wherever we choose to roam in La Paz. No dodging taxi's or buses. It will be considerably quieter, which will be nice.

And with that it's time for bed. Without heating I will be bundled up with every layer I have.I pray for hot water in the morning, if not it will be another day without a shower.

Oh Bolivian holiday, thank you for my first lesson in letting go.


  1. Whoo hoo! Congrats on making it there!

  2. Love the post...but most of all, the last sentence!! I hear you made it to Peru, so congrats!! Looking forward to photos!!