Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recharge station número uno

Lima was my first recharge station. A chance to slow down, process all that had been seen, clean some clothes, upload this blog, sleep in a comfortable bed, take a shower with no flip-flops on, eat delicious food, practice some yoga, go to church, call my mom, and literally recharge all the batteries of my electronics. We (for at this time the girls were still with me) were all lovingly received by our amazing hosts (Laura and Steve), who arranged for airport pick-up, gave us directions around their neighborhood, and fed us the most amazing meal of our lives. Apparently Lima, and Peru in general are known for their culinary exploits. I was not aware, seeing how I pride myself on eating as cheaply as humanly possible when traveling. If I had only known the wonderful things that were available! The girls were taken back to the airport on a full stomach, hugged me goodbye and whispered words of jealousy for being lucky enough to be left in the hands of such generous friends. It was a blessing, a perfect place to call home for a while, and I look forward to when my path takes me back there.

I had no itinerary in Lima, other than just to enjoy it, and that was glorious. I woke up without an alarm, took an unreasonably long and hot shower before going downstairs to the most brilliant view of the ocean. Even with the persistent cloud cover, it was brilliant. Apparently this particular stretch of land is covered by Seattle syle grey skies during the winter, and a coat of grey hides the sun for months at a time. On this particular day, it didn't bother me at all. I was just grateful for the view, clouds and all. For the first time since I left Phoenix, I pulled out my yoga mat, unrolled it and had the priviledge to practice
without distraction. What a wonderful feeling to breathe, to move, to sit in stillness...and n when I felt inspired to open my eyes, to find the beauty of the ocean rolling in her calm rhythm before me. 2 hours passed before I came back inside, and I felt like a whole new person. This was just the beginning. I was blessed with 3 days to recharge...and in those days, that ellusive sun broke through the clouds bathing the city and the beach with glorious light.

This was also a chance for all of us to get to know each other a little better. There are certain things that just never get asked in the quick conversations in a church foyer, and I feel so priviledged to have had this little bit of time to move in a little deeper. We had time to chat and share picture and stories. One spectactular meal after another was shared. Time was spent wandering through their neighborhood and along the miles of coast. I was introduced to family, friends and members of their humble church in Lima...and even had the chance to attend a service.

It was all those simple pleasures that made this stop all the more precious.Physically, spiritually and emotionally nurtured, I was sent off with hugs, words of encouragement, the feeling that I had a family and home in Lima, and the confidence that I was ready to really start this adventure.

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