Tuesday, August 16, 2011

what's this all about?

September 2, 2011 will begin the start of something new, very exciting and a little terrifying for me. After years of toying with the idea of taking a year off and traveling South America, I finally stopped making excuses for myself and made a commitment. I freed myself from silly obligations like work and rent, and bought a one-way ticket down south. Family and friends gave me a nod of a approval, a big hug and words of encouragement when I shared my idea - for it was too informal and to uncertain to be a plan.

So what is this idea? Other than crazy?

I am considering this my on-going education; I have enrolled myself in what I endearingly call "Life School." All things considered, the tuition is rather low, the classroom spans the length and width of the South American continent, the syllabus is in flux, and the lessons learned are not from a book but will be earned through literal blood, sweat and tears. I have a loose idea of what this all means and where I will go, but even that is subject to change.

I hope to see the beauty of a continent that I have always felt connected to, become fluent in a language that has always been familiar, and share meals with strangers who will hopefully become friends. Throughout this year I have no real "plan" other than to go where life takes me. Maybe learn a thing or two about conservation, farming and service...and if I'm lucky, maybe learn a bit about myself.

I hope you can follow me on this journey. Send me messages of encouragement when I need then and swift kick to the butt when I need that too. I will, because of the nature of where I'm going, have limited access to email, facebook, phone calls, skype, this blog, hot showers, mattresses, clean laundry and fresh water, but I intend to check and update whenever humanly possible.

If you hear of things that I must do or see, send me the info, I'll do my best to get there. If you think, "forget this, I want to come visit!" send me a message and we'll travel together along the way.

With and open heart, open mind and very heavy pack I begin this session. Off to class. Wish me luck!

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