Sunday, May 13, 2012

Galapagos - Santa Cruz Island

Snack Pack on the flightGalapagos Safari Camp, lobbyGalapagos Safari Camp, Luxury campingglampinga common occuranceBeta, the house dog
chicks on the farmGSC sunsetgalapagos dovemoonrise over my yoga platformgiant land tortoisenatalie with our local turtle
our local buddyhands on a land tortoisecute little fellowthe walk to torguga baysilly cactus treeTortuga Bay
PelicanSanta Cruz, Galapagoslazy, very lazy marine iguanasMarine IguanaTortuga BayGSC volunteer girls

nearly a month on this island...and the adventures that unfolded. Pictures are compliments of iPOD and Natalie's iPHONE. I lost my camera the first week here. :(

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